Welcome to the new Surge Radio website. Our rebrand entails a new website (based off the Hammer theme), logo and logo icons. Led and designed by Zanoobia Butt, Head of Design 2018/19. Launched in July 2019.

Masters student, Zanoobia, had prior professional experience in individually rebranding, reviving and managing an entertainment agency. Therefore she was encouraged by Head of Music; Sophie Wales to volunteer to lead and manage this project. Head of Features; Jack Challinor helped with her manifesto. As a result she was elected as Head of Design during the November 2018 EGM.

Much gratitude goes the 2018/19 Committee for their support and contributions to the project during the Spring Semester. Overall, the project was saved and exceptionally supported by a generous professional web developer, who gave a lot of their time & effort for free. Saving the society at least £5k in terms of highly modifying coding, editing, design, solving technical issues and adding various finishing details across the site during June 2019. He is the reason this website is of such a high standard and fully functional. As a result, the website went live on schedule and could not have been achieved without him!