Breakfast & Chart Show

The Head of Show Development oversees and helps plan Surge’s flagship programming while also organising and delivering training with the Programme Controller and other Surge Heads. Show Dev focuses on creating the Breakfast teams each semester while encouraging new and entertaining content and technical skills development. The weekly Surge Chart Show is the training round for when we host our SRA Chart Show – a show syndicated across all student radio SRA-member stations in the UK. 

There are two main teams you can get involved with: The Breakfast Show teams and the Chart Show team.

The Breakfast Show

The cornerstone of Surge’s entertainment programming, the Surge Breakfast show runs from 9-11am every weekday. Each day of the week has the Breakfast Show team curated by ShowDev each semester. The Surge Breakfast show is a perfect opportunity for new DJs to get involved to develop their skills and confidence! 

Chart Shows

Surge has two different Chart shows throughout the year: The Surge Chart Show and the SRA Chart Show. 

  • The SURGE Chart Show: The weekly Surge Chart show runs through Surge’s Top 10 tracks as played by our very own DJs. With a rotating team, the Chart Show team is recruited across the station, particularly from the Music team and the Breakfast Show teams. 
  • The SRA Chart Show: Surge host the SRA Chart Show once a year, as part of the SRA Chart student radio syndication. This show is broadcasted across student radio stations across the UK.

If any of this interests you, please feel free to contact the Head of Show Development (, or request to join the Facebook group.