This is a creative arm of Surge where you, yes you, can get involved with creating some outstanding features and content for both on air shows and off air podcasts; no matter if it’s deadly serious or ridiculously silly, we live by the motto of #content 

We have our very own Flagship Show (somehow) which will serve as a platform to showcase and air the best top-quality on and off air content from that week! There may even be a prize each week for the best content so make sure you submit something!

There is a weekly Features Team meeting where we can all get to know each other, cooperate on projects and create ideas together.

If you hate the thought of human contact and/or leaving the comfort of your own home, then fear not! Feel free to use the Features Team Page as a message board to float ideas or ask for help on a project.

Also, you’re very welcome to message the me via Facebook or email (features@surgeradio.co.uk) at any time if you have any questions about anything, or to submit content for the Flagship Show! – Jack Challinor (Head of Features)